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I am so excited to be blogging for the first time, telling you all about the launch of my website!

Over the last couple of years, I have been building up WallsWithLove from its beginning, starting as my hobby, to now needing a website to show interested viewers and clients. There are four main areas to WallsWithLove, each reflecting the various aspects of my life, which as an artist, is my inspiration and drive.

The mummy in me absolutely loves painting portraits of loved ones. Knowing how much I treasure my own portraits of my littleuns, I truly hope my portraits of other loved ones do the same.

The mural section, again began with me adding interest to rooms at home, and quickly grew to having commissions. Although my portfolio shows mainly youngsters rooms, I have painted in adult's bedrooms too, but when I was painting as a hobby, so no need to photograph! Doh!

Those of us with pets, know how big a part they play in family life. With two cats, four chickens and horses in the field at the end of the garden, we are surrounded by animals we love dearly (and those that make us giggle - our crazy chickens!). This section is growing quickly and I love to try and capture the personality of the pet, as this is so incredibly important.

Africa has been a big part of my earlier years and I have been lucky to visit more recently a few times and as such my portfolio includes a lot of african animals and landscapes. Africa to me has a complete magical, raw and captivating quality about it which I try to capture in my work and find painting on the reclaimed wood helps achieve this. Linking to my love of family and the bond between parents and children, I often include this, painting adult animlas with their off-spring. Keeping to painting on the wood, I now include all animals which have caught my attention one way or another. Nature really is a wonder and full of amazing images just waiting to be captured!

Kate and cheetah at Okonjima.jpg

Whether you want a mural or artwork to hang, I work from photos and so the process is incredibly simple for you; find a photo or image you love and measure the size of artwork you will need for your wall. If it's art to hang, you then decide between paint or graphite and your preferred style of canvas (wood or traditional canvas) and that's it! Really simple.

Art has always been a passion of mine and to now be launching my own website sharing my work with everyone, is just a dream. Please enjoy looking through my portfolio of work to date and I would love to hear about any ideas for art you may have.

Love Kate x


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