Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. I hope 2016 brings you all happiness and peace.

The New Year has started well for WallsWithLove, puttng up my latest two pieces, both of which are giraffes, at The Blue Anchor. I find these creatures captivating and beautiful. I shall never forget in Namibia, walking across the camp to the swimming pool to find an enormous, majestic giraffe standing there. A surreal and unforgetable experience and one which cemented my love for the creatures. Africa is so often my inspiration.

My first piece is a graphite sketch which is framed in a simple white frame. 'Beauty' is a close up of a female giraffe's eye. Here it is up at The Blue Anchor. The second, called 'A Mother's Kiss' , is acrylic on a reclaimed table top. My wonderful friend Karen gave me her old table asking me if I could make use of it. I have shown Karen the result and safe to say she was pleased.

I hope you all anjoy them too and I am already excited about my next piece.

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