A Tiger returns to The Blue Anchor

I am thrilled to share my lastest arrivals to The Blue Anchor. And I am equally thrilled to have reconfigured the display. I hope you agree that the clusters of wood together and the white canvas and frames together, give a much more cohesive look.

Here is Tiger, sitting amoungst the other reclaimed wood canvasses.

Each time I go to adjust or put up a new display, I usually have my helpers with me... pictured below is the classic 'let's put up Mummy's painting and have a 'Paul' lunch', announced by Ollie and overseen by Mum, while I am measuring and banging nails into the wall. Paul is the wonderfully talented head chef at The Blue Anchor, who knows exactly how Ollie likes his pasta!. On the wall behind them both (Mum and Ollie), you can see 'It Wasn't Me'.

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